A Mind to do Business
By Phil Chambers & Elaine Colliar

The face of business is changing so rapidly that life-long learning has become essential. Our new portfolio careers bring the additional stress of having to continually update our skill-sets to keep our future employment prospects high. The necessity of juggling a full-time job and training requirements with family and home life can push some of us to breaking point.

This book gives you the necessary tools to take control of the information that bombards you on a daily basis; to manage your time; to remember, think and learn more effectively.

Presented in a highly visual and yet structured format with numerous business examples, it allows the reader to quickly grasp and begin to apply the techniques.

128 pages

"What I great book I've just received in the post. Congratulations to you and Elaine ...
It is very well laid out with a perfect balance of left and right brain attractions.
I shall certainly recommend this to my clients."

Dominic O'Brien, eight times World Memory Champion.

Read pages 16-17 here.

Read pages 20-21 here.

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